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the horizon, feeling better and no urgency

The previous post demonstrates how I was feeling yesterday.  But with work, and a good nights sleep today I feel much better about the tasks at hand needed.  First, Friday’s test drive slowed me down a bit.  I’ve been very anxious to get the M on the road, so the last few months I’ve been working on it every weekend.  It’s catching up to me.  I’m tired.  My arms are buzzing with soreness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I will NOT get the car perfect before I get it permanently on the road.  It’s not happening.  It needs more attention, things will need replacement and/or upgrading.  Phase I is done.  I can slow down and get a plan going for Phase II.

I just want to get it running safely and reliable for weekend driving with fellow M3 enthusiasts.  Really, thats all I want for now.

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