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First drive in many years, the project deepens.

So, I’m feeling a little melancholy right now.  I’ve been working on the M off and on for 2 years now trying to get it back on the road.  This day was Friday.  

Last week I told my wife the big day was very soon since all of the major things were done.  As the great wife she is, on Friday she went to get a temporary permit at the DMV (it needs a smog check).   I was excited and hurried home.  Odds and ends were finished, dusted off the years of dirt, and re torqued the wheels.  I was ready for her first test drive in 7 years.  Man it was rough.  The engine buzzed; speedometer fluttered; power was down.  The temp started to go up right as I was nearing my driveway, then the engine quit.  My wife and I had to push it up the driveway into the garage.  I guess my expectations were too high.

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  1. Pierre,
    I’ve been a member of s14.net for a long while now since 2000. I have just now found out about your website and I’m lovin it. I see that you live in So Cal and I’m in Santa Clarita Valley.

    Anyway, I love service manual that you have posted it and very useful. I bit about myself, I’ve had m3 since 1995 and have kept it stock all this time. I’m in the process of getting bits and pieces done to the car and would like to do most if not all of it myself. Unfortunately I do not have a full manual yet and wondering if you are interested in copying your manual for me in exchange for money contribution to help with your site. If not that okay as your website has been very helpful.

    Thank you very much!!!

  2. I can send you a set of pdf’s; then you can print them out. Will that work? Thanks for the kind words BTW. 🙂

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