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The M3’s First day out!

The M is finally out on the street and relatively comfortable.  I definately need to change the cats and muffler.  They sound like tin cans.  The exhaust gaskets need to go too.

I was planning on meeting Mariano and the crew at the Rose Bowl, but I was late for the drive.  Mariano was nice enough to stay after for a quick chat.  Here are some pics I took tonight, nothing fancy (and kinda blurry):



2 Responses to “The M3’s First day out!”

  1. hi

    nice m3 you have
    and very nice buildup
    i am from belgium
    i had least week bought a italian m3 (320is)
    my first m3 🙂 drives very good

    (ps a question can i maybe get access to your service manual m3 if i have probs then i can take it to my hobbygarage thx)


  2. What access do you need? I will help if I can. Thank you for the kind words.

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