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Melted IE motor mount; fixed

On the way home two weeks ago the M started to act up. First, it started overheating. Then odd noises from the driveline. The engine was vibrating at higher rpms and clanged when started and stopped. The overheating issue was determined to be a static fan caused by a shifted fan shroud. Odd, but I was more worried about the driveline issues. I preliminarily diagnosed it to be a bad clutch or transmission. Fast forward to the weekend. Up on the ramps, a quick look at the underbelly resulted in the real cause…a collapsed right side motor mount. The shifted engine caused all of the noises and vibrations. Even the overheating when the fan hit the shroud and got stuck. So why did this happen? My car had the heat shield missing that protects the mount from header heat. It didn’t have a chance. I replaced the Ireland race pieces with a spare 740 set. Pics say 1000 words.




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  1. Wow, that’s crazy. I had a similar issue on my E36. The fan was off kilter and broke a couple of the blades. Turned out to be failed motor mount.

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