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IIGO chip and 276/264 cams

Soooo…it was a busy weekend. I decided to tackle two upgrades I’ve been waiting to do for 2 years. Last week I recieved my IIGO chip from Luis Marques. What a great chip! Pulls stronger and idles better. The AFR’s are right on target. Second, I installed my 276 regrind in the intake and moved the 264 to the exhaust side. The cam came in a 284/276 set – regrinds from stock 248s. Didn’t want to do the 284 just yet because of PV clearance and lash issues, so I started with the 276. I installed both at stock timing. Checked the PV clearance just by pushing on the buckets until the valve touches the piston. On my visual check, I had about 2 mm’s. This makes sense as they’re regrinds without additional lift. …maybe I can add that 284 after all.

That said, this combo really woke up the S14. Much more punchy in the 3000-5000…and a good bump above that. I’ll have a video up this week.

So far, my upgrades are:

– Lightened stock flywheel
– Evo Airbox
– IIGO chip
– 276 regrind on intake
– Evo II cam on exhaust
– 3″ exhaust
– Burns stainless Y-pipe (2 3/8″ throat to 3″ out)
– PLX Devices WB02 kit with narrow band output to DME
– K&N filter

Soon to be done:
– CR transmission
– 2.64 diff
– shim under buckets
– HD valve train
– MAF kit

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  1. Joe Escobedo Says:
    July 27th, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    I have owned my 90 m3 since 91, it has 75k and completely stock, for the past 2 years I have not driven. I am looking for advice on draining the fuel, and doing maintenance work. Any suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated, please help I live in Texas. cell #325-338-5575

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