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S14 Head extraction: Part I

Last night I began the lengthy, for an amateur, process of removing the head. The only other head I’ve removed was from my old M30 528i. This is much different – there are so many more things to unscrew. Good thing I like doing this sort of stuff! Removing the valve cover and cams, this is what I saw…

Proof positive. Definate coolant and oil mixing…and not from condensation. These photos show triple banding of clean oil, milky oil, and dark oil. The previous owner probably used non-synthetic oil at long intervals, hence the dark staining. Now its running Mobil-1. The first oil change was even run with some Sea Foam. It’s very obvious the extra detergency of the oil coupled with Sea Foam is cleaning out the crud.
I quit here for now – Part II in a few days.

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