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Annoying rattle … Updated

Update: I had left the oxygen sensor socket on the sensor.

I’ve developed an annoying rattle. I only hear it when accelerating, especially from a stop. It’s high pitched and metallic sounding. Very faint though. Seems to be getting louder. Clutch? Tranny? Loose bolt?



Oh well, it gives me the opportunity to assess my oil leak.

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  1. How did your Rear Main Seal perform after your install from 2009. I found your pictures and explanations very informative. I have my clutch being replaced by a shop, but I want to address things like the RMS but also avoid the after leaks of a new seal that can occur if done hastily.
    You put the seal 1mm from the frsh metal etc…

    If there is a better method to contact you, please advise me.

    With Respect,

  2. The rms has been leak free. I’ve done it again on a second motor installed, leak free again. If you’re getting a new clutch installed, a new rms and carrier is advisable. Using a new carrier is key! Yes, recessing the seal 1mm is a must too.

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