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Refinished Pontiac GTA wheels

A couple of posts down I wrote about using Pontiac Trans AM GTA wheels on my M3. I like these wheels because they can easily be massaged to fit, are cheap, strong, lightweight, and unique. But most of all, I saw potential for these wheels to pop. In stock form, they came in a variety of colors: gray, silver, black, and gold. It was the dull machined lip with yellowing clear coat that made them look bland. So, I finally got around to refurbishing a second set (bought for less than $200). A variety of face colors danced in my head for weeks…what should I choose? Stock gold? Nogaro silver? Black? Nope. I settled on bright silver for my first set. Silver is the judge of any wheel, it’ll make or break the aesthetic of the design. Quite often, most wheels that are painted a wild color were originally silver. An ugly silver wheel rarely looks better in another color. Oh, and the machined lips got polished too.

Here they are before:




I like the way these turned out. Now I can experiment with a different color on the other set. Hmmm, need to find the right tire…keep posted, I’ll have these on the car soon.

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  1. so im doing the exact same thing to my e36,, this is a great thread! the only thing that threw me off is the hub size,, can i just go to a shop or bore the hub out a little more ?, or would i have to purchase the 72.5 spacer you poster

  2. Need to have the center bore milled out. Spacer and hub extender only to clear brakes.

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