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exhaustive constipation?

Looooong time since last post.  Work’s been keeping me busy; and now with a pregnant wife…worse.  This just means the time with the M is even better!

This morning I took out the M on a run with other s14’ers.  The engine felt a little flat, like it has for a few weeks now.  Nothing really new, now its more pronounced.   There used to be a nice kick in the higher rpm.  I’m thinking the exhaust is clogged.  As a laymans test I placed a piece of cardboard over the exhaust pipes, and saw something odd.  The driver side pipe was coming out faster and warmer than the other.  It was also spitting out a sooty mist.  Clogged!  I’m not shocked as its the original system and was sitting for many years.   Rust and/or little creatures set their sites on my pipes.  Shucks, now its time for a new exhaust!

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