aka the wallet diet

ordered shifter pieces, flywheel itches

After removing the tranny and shifter components I ordered additional shifter components, mostly OEM wear items.  The most expensive piece was the UUC DSSR.  Maybe the wife won’t notice…

Oh, and the “while I’m there” bug bit me, but I’m really trying to fight it off!  As the clutch gets replaced, I’ll at least be changing the rear main seal out…then, what about the flywheel?  A quick search at Bimmerworld yielded nice shiny lightweight flywheels.  They’re really, really out of my budget; I’m in the red already.   A post on s14.net gave me an idea -  I’ll have my current flywheel professionally machined for a fraction of the cost of an EVO or aftermarket piece.  Top End performance in North Hollywood, CA was the obvious choice for me.  It won’t be exotic but it’ll do the trick for now.  I’ll be removing the flywheel next saturday if everything goes to plan.

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