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Alternator freshening and rod bearing redux

Tonight’s update is both new and old.  The alternator freshening was done this past weekend along with flushing the coolant.  The old part is the oil pan cleaning which was done a couple of weeks ago.

So I’m glad there weren’t many bolts left over from the rod bearing replacement. 🙂 Jokes aside, there were what seemed like dozens of bolts strewn across my garage floor.  Before they went back, each one was cleaned with Goof Off and wire brushed to remove old gasket sealer.  What a pain.  Reinstalling the oil pans werent’ such a big deal, the oil pump gave me more problems.  Getting the shims just right was a little tedious.   I did away with using the cork gasket and used high temp gasket maker, so far no leaking-that’s a very good thing.

Sludgy oil pan:

After being cleaned with Simple Green:
Inside lower oil pan:
My alternator looked a little sketchy so I pulled it to install the new AKG bushings and new regulator.   When I pulled out the old regulator,  it was obvious the connection between the commutator and commutator contact was almost non existent.   The previous owner had placed a piece of thin oak to keep the cracked regulator straight; but it failed-the commutators were hitting their contact obliquely.  I’m sure this affected the electric load.  Commutator contacts were cleaned and new regulator installed.
Piece of wood:
After cleaning the commutator contacts with fine grit sandpaper:
Old gummy alternator bushings…AKG versions installed in next installment:

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