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Finally got the M3 started again

The only things replaced were the rod bearings and oil pump.  Up top, the injectors were rebuilt and the thick throttle body gasket sealed.  Sounds pretty good!  In no way this is a full or even a mild rebuild.  Just a refresher so i can get her back on the road.  My plan is to have everything else fixed or updated before my spare motor gets built to my specs.  Lotta fun!

FYI, here’s a list of recent parts bought:

  • Bilstein Sport shocks/inserts
  • H&R Race Springs
  • AKG Alternator bushings
  • AKG Polyurethane subframe bushings
  • AKG rear shock mount reinforcements
  • AKG delrin shifter housing bushings
  • Ireland Engineering urethane rear trailing arm bushings
  • Brake caliper rebuild kits from bimmerworld with caliper guides
  • New 750il 25mm brake master cylinder
  • Front strut housings
  • Rear shock mounts
  • Mintex “red” brake pads
  • also got myself some Sea Foam to “un carbon” my s14 (I’ll post how I do this)

2 Responses to “Finally got the M3 started again”

  1. Alexandre TOURNOIS Says:
    September 4th, 2008 at 2:48 am

    Hello Pierre

    Very beautifull web site et project for your M3.

    I am french and i am just bought a M3 1987 200cv. I print all the M3 service manuel for the restauration of my car (with a preparation for historic rally).

    The french forum speaks only of the M3 E30 and 320IS (S14)




  2. Thanks Alex. My name is Pierre, but I don’t speak French! Spanish only. 🙁 Very nice web site you have. Thanks for visiting.

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