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A month has passed, got many parts, replaced rod bearings

Yesterday I continued with my rod bearing installation. I had started two weeks prior with the 3 easiest sets (1,2, 4), but the #3 looked tough and my arms were tired-I took a break. #3 was finally finished yesterday. Everything went smooth, except for the iffy angle torquing without an angle gauge! I did the best job possible, and I think it was ok considering I doubled as a contortionist under the car. We’ll see in a few months when I get on the revs. 🙂 No bang=good job. The oil pump was also installed with a new sprocket and nut; but the chain has too much slop and I need more shims. Oil pump install officially on hiatus.

Today I read some archive posts discussing rod bearing replacement on s14.net, whether its proper s14 maintancence or just a quick fix “peace of mind” procedure. There were good arguments for both sides and I’m not quite sure where I stand. It’s only natural to think if the bearings are worn, change them. But, don’t worn bearings mean worn everything else?

In my case, my bearing replacement was done due to the car sitting for many years. Old oil can corrode bearings. Upon removal my bearings were indeed scarred. Debris in oil or pitting? I really don’t know. My procedure was done as a repair, not maintenance, even though it didn’t start that way.

My rod bearing clearances were between 0.065-0.85 mm. Now they are between 0.04-0.05. Spec is 0.03-0.07.

Here is a before and after view of journal 3 with green plastigage:

As you can see the first picture shows much greater clearance in the center. The second picture shows the plastigage with a nice even and wide measurement of 0.040-0.05 mm.
Considering changing your bearings? Here’s some help.

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