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Had some time this weekend to tinker…rod bearings

Update: New Images of #4 lower rod bearing:


So this weekend I decided to finally check, and replace, my rod bearings.

A couple of weeks ago I readjusted my valves to try to diminish the louder-than-average “ticking”; it did, a little. So, I posted the audio/video of my engine idling on s14.net and one reply concurred with what I didn’t want to hear – rod bearing play.

So off I go this morning into my cramped garage to tackle this situation. I open her up take out the lower bearing and what do I find? This…

A pitted bearing shell!

It must have been the six years sitting at my dad’s house with old crummy oil. The oil accumulated moisture; moisture settled on the bearing; rust began to form; voila, rust pits. Sheesh. No problem, the crank journals seemed ok, no scoring. I then notice the old bearings are 0.50mm oversized…double sheesh. I bought standard. Where to get oversized bearings without going to the dealer?

My next step was to check the bearing/journal clearance with some green plastigage. The number came out to be >0.055, closer to 0.070. Definitely time for new bearings. I’ll need to continue this project next time when I get oversize bearings.

A closer look:


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