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Good news and better news

Good news, she started after lots of cranking. Bad news is (was) that the 3 and 4 cylinders don’t fire. I reverted to the old parts, same deal. Checked the electrode gap, fuel pressure, and coil. All checked ok. Then I scratched my head for a few hours. Ultimately I guessed the DME was caput.

I posted on s14.net regarding my situation and got lots of help. One particular post mentioned the injectors and how they may be “stuck.” I pulled the injector plug rail to check connectivity, ok. Then I tapped the injectors and cranked. She started right up with an obvious smoothness.

It feels great to hear the engine up and running in all it’s metallic caucophonous (word?) glory!

Next up on the agenda:

  • looking for vacuum leaks, changing leaky hoses/boots, changing throttle body gaskets
  • flushing brakes
  • installing new brake parts
  • flushing diff
  • flushing tranny
  • flushing power steering fluid
  • investigating shifter components
  • looking for gremlins

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