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Latest Update…and the first fire in 5 years.

So its the 24th of October; it has been about 1 month since I brought over the M3 from my dads house. The poor car is covered in old, stiff cobwebs filled with debris. I’ll spend a good day cleaning out this mess. Meanwhile, more important things. Since the transfer I acquired several replacement parts due for change, i.e. cap, rotor, wires, water pump, e36 timing tentioner, etc.


These last two weekends I got my hands dirty installing all the parts, it felt great. I’ve been waiting to do this for several years! I popped open the valve cover to get a feeling of the cleanliness of the motor. Pretty darn good. The radiator was flushed to uncake the deposits from stale water/coolant. Most importantly I reattached my crank pulley with new impact wrench (set at 35o lbs-ft), worked like a charm. Red thread locker too, just in case.


All the parts went in pretty much ok, except for the water pump. I should have gotten the oem piece, as one of the M8 bolts is too short. The non oem pump casting has a taller flange. How did that get by the sensors? BTW the old pump was a horrid mess. Check it out…

223228233I added new gas, changed some brittle gas hoses while I swapped the fuel filter and replaced the plugs. In my excited state, I grabbed the battery from our Mini and cranked her over. Over…and over. Until she fired! Sort of…the 3 and 4 cylinders don’t fire. Update this weekend.


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