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…was a great day. I finally got the s14 off the ground and onto a new engine stand. What I didn’t expect was the dilemma of getting the thing elevated without a hoist. Hmmm, I must have been outside an hour expecting a great engineering feat to pop into my head. Nothing.

Brute force it was. I got the wife and a floor jack. Then mounted the place to the block; and connected the swivel housing to the mounting plate. Basically it looked like an engine on a stand that had tipped over. We then just heaved-ho and muscled it upright.

Now to inspect those bearings. Help, anyone?

Sometimes I start thinking, why not sell all of this and get a nice running example? It’ll just be a little more dough, but less headaches.

I like headaches. Keeps my brain running. I know if I’d buy a clean example I’d squint at the idea of non-original modification. An M in fair condition like mine gives me the freedom of modification that I crave. After all, that’s what it was built to do, morph into its alter ego. To me, it doesn’t decrease any value.

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